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Agreement The Game Changer Package
[Career Coaching & Advisory]

This agreement has been concluded between the undersigned on one part,
_____________________________________________ (full name) residing at

(address, house number, street name, city/state, zip/postal code, country)
hereinafter referred to as the Client, and on the other part, Szonja Zsiros Career
Advisory, established under Schokland 35, 1181HP, Amstelveen, the Netherlands,
VAT: NL003876944B29, KvK: 83814493, represented by Szonja Zsiros hereinafter
referred to as the Consultant, on the following terms and conditions:

Consultant and Client hereby agree on the following terms:

The subject of this agreement
1. This agreement sets out the conditions and understandings for a consultancy
relationship between Szonja Zsiros (Consultant) and (Client).
2. The consultant provides coaching and advisory services. The coaching sessions
aim to help the client with clarifying goals, desires, directions, and intentions.
Furthermore, to help the client with taking actions towards their goals. The advisory
services include providing concrete feedback and actionable tips on their job
application materials, such as CV, Linkedin profile, motivation letter and
interviewing skills.

Program Duration & Location
3. Consultant and Client will meet on a (bi)weekly basis via video call (online). The
frequency of the meetings are determined jointly based on the Client’s timeline and
desired outcome.

4. The Game Changer Package consists of 6 sessions, 45 minutes per session. This
trajectory entails 4 career coaching sessions and 2 career advisory sessions. The goal
of the coaching sessions is to gain clarity regarding where the client wishes to go in
their career. The advisory sessions serve the purpose of optimizing the client’s job
application materials, such as CV, Linkedin profile, motivation letter and interviewing
5. If the client has a clear idea as to what roles and companies they would like to
target, the coaching sessions are more of an advising nature.

Fee and payment
6. The fee for The Game Changer Package program is €895.00 paid upfront upon
enrolment into the program. It is possible to pay in instalments of €975.00 on a
payment plan of €162.50 per session, if and only if, this is agreed upon upfront with
7. The Client agrees to make payment into a nominated bank account provided by
Consultant upon enrolment into the program once the invoice is issued.

Cancellation Policy
8. The client acknowledges and accepts that appointment scheduling is done in
coordination between the Consultant and the Client preferably at the preceding
session. The Client must cancel agreed-upon appointments at least 2 working days
in advance.
9. Sessions where the Client fail to attend without cancellation or cancel after the
specified deadline are considered held according to this agreement, and the Client
must pay for them.
10. In case the Consultant or Client needs to change the schedule due to exceptional
circumstances (accident, sudden illness, force majeure), they must propose a new
appointment to the Client.

11. The consultant is bound by confidentiality. They declare that they will not
disclose to third parties any information, materials provided to them, their own
notes, or other written documents obtained during their work. The obligation of
confidentiality applies both during the term of the assignment and thereafter.
12. The consultant undertakes to safeguard their own notes and written materials
provided by the client in accordance with the data protection policy, ensuring they
are not accessible to third parties or destroying them after termination of the
contractual relationship.
13. The contracting parties stipulate that the consultant must maintain regular
communication with the client and, if requested by the client, provide information
about the coaching & advisory process, excluding specific content discussed during
sessions, personal information, and data related to the client.

14. The consultant complies with current data protection regulations, including the
provisions of the European Parliament and Council Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR
Regulation) and Act No. CXII of 2011 (on informational self-determination and
freedom of information).
15. The client expressly consents to the processing of their personal data, and they
have been informed of their rights and options regarding data protection provided
by the above regulations and laws. Additionally, whenever there is a need to handle
and/or store any personal data of individuals participating in coaching activities,
they explicitly consent to the processing of their personal data in writing, and they
have been informed of the purpose of data usage, the method of storage, as well as
their rights and options prescribed by regulations and laws.

Client's Responsibilities
16. The client acknowledges that coaching and advising development is a process
based on free will, active participation, and responsibility, where the implementation
of all tasks and outcomes planned within the coaching framework is solely the
responsibility of the client. The client decides how much and in what way they
incorporate or utilize the knowledge gained during coaching and advising, for which
the consultant assumes no responsibility during or after the process. The client agrees
to attend sessions in a suitable state for work.
17. If at any time the client feels stuck or unsure about what to do with any of the
course work, they ought to get in touch with the consultant to ask for help.
18. The client agrees to show up, do all the work both online & offline, implement what
they learn, commit fully to this process and give it their best.

Consultant's Responsibilities
19. The consultant undertakes to accompany the development process of the client,
assist in implementing planned changes through interventions, monitor progress,
and ensure the smooth running of the process. However, it is the client’s
responsibility to make the changes during the process.
20. The consultant commits to employing all available tools, methods, and
techniques for the benefit of the client in coaching and advising. Furthermore, they
undertake to openly address the methods they employ, their operational
mechanisms, intentions, risks, and potential outcomes at every stage of the
coaching process.
21. The Consultant and Client will jointly develop a career development plan based on
the Client's desired outcomes for the trajectory.
The Consultant agrees to facilitate, and Client agrees to follow the jointly developed

22. The Consultant agrees to spend the necessary amount of time in preparation for
the meetings with Client.
23. The Client understands that the result of any consultancy will depend on their
willingness and ability to take actions.
24. The client cannot issue instructions to the consultant, make requests contrary to
professional and ethical norms, or monitor the consultant regarding the content of
the process.
25. Client agrees to communicate clearly with the Consultant, and to take
responsibility for the results achieved and that the Consultant can only facilitate.

Nature of Services
26. Client understands that Consultant is not providing medical advice and that
Consultancy should in no way replace treatment from a licensed healthcare provider.

I agree to the rules of the Terms and Conditions.


Szonja Zsiros Career Advisory
01. 01. 2024
Amstelveen, the Netherlands

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