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Ways to transform your Career

Whether you need a quick fix on your CV, need help with navigating the Dutch labour market, or you seek a career transition, I cater to your needs with tailor-made solutions.

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The Game Changer Package

This tailor-made career coaching trajectory is waiting for you, when you are ready for a fulfilling job.

Starting with career coaching we'll figure out what your next step is. Then we'll translate everything into practice to ensure you'll get a job you love.


 Tailor-made coaching & job search strategy

 6x (bi)weekly coaching & advisory sessions (45 minutes)

 VIP support (email & Whatsapp during negotiations)

• Flexible scheduling

• Homework, exercises & tools

• Continuous feedback & accountability

 Guides packed with practical tips

 Full-blown rebranding (CV & LinkedIn)


Landing a job you love

 3x bigger network

 Clarity on your purpose

 Increased confidence

 Feel re-connected with your values

 Increased satisfaction with life

Your investment:

⁜ Time, effort and commitment

⁜ Willingness to step into the unknown

⁜ Desire to take actions in order to bring change to your life


Career Advisory


Having trouble standing out from the competition?


Boost your chances by 10x to get that job you’ve been eyeing with this 60-min value packed session! Get insights into the secret way of how recruiters work and rebrand yourself.



 1x advisory session (60 minutes)

 Guides packed with practical tips

• Help to get unstuck from wherever you are

 Actionable tips & tricks to take the next step towards achieving your goals


 Get noticed by recruiters

 Stand out from the crowd

 Get clear on your value proposition

 Become the expert in your field

 Boost your confidence

 Get invited to interviews

✓ Increase your visibility

✓ Grow your network

Your investment:

⁜ Time, effort and commitment

⁜ Willingness to leave your insecurities behind

⁜ Desire to shamelessly promote your skills & expertise


Interview Prep


Getting those interview jitters?


Feel confident and ace those interviews like you were meant to.


Practice with a mock interview for real-world readiness and get on-the-spot feedback.



 1x mock interview (60 minutes)

 Proven techniques to nail your interview

 Guides packed with practical tips

 Frameworks for your answers


Say bye to interview insecurities

 Boosted confidence

 Clarity on your value proposition

 Leave a memorable impression

 Sell yourself without selling yourself

 Land offers

Your investment:

⁜ Time, effort and commitment

⁜ Willingness to step into the unknown

⁜ Desire to take actions in order to bring change to your life

€895 (incl. 21% VAT)

€139 (incl. 21% VAT)

€149 (incl. 21% VAT)

Talk worky to me

Hey there, I’m 


I’m your dedicated ally in this exhilarating roller coaster of personal and professional growth. My mantra says that having a job and having a fulfilling job are not the same. I am here to assist you in becoming the person who embodies the latter.


Some say that coaching is about working with people who have problems. In my view, coaching is about working with people who want to reconnect with themselves in order to pursue a life that brings them more joy.


My approach combines coaching and advising. We’ll apply the former to rediscover certain aspects of your life and we’ll make use of the latter to translate everything into practice.


Ready to turn your life upside down - in the best way possible?


Can’t wait to start working with you!


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