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Hey there, I’m  

A former recruiter turned career advisor & coach.

3 years ago I diagnosed myself with chronic dissatisfaction with life.
In the mornings I would stare at the ceiling, gathering just enough motivation to get out of bed.
My days were just dragging on with no real excitement.

I was very lucky, I had a great job at a cool company, a manager who was basically a saint, and a steady paycheck. I even had a passport filled with stamps from epic vacations, yet every waking moment I kept asking myself
"is this it?"

I didn't care about the tech industry I was in.
I had no emotional connection with the company I was working for.
Overall, I couldn't swallow that all I do is talk about imaginary numbers and intangible software.
It felt like I was autopiloting through life.
At the age of 28 that's a pretty daunting feeling.

Being a proper
millennial, I decided to live up to the cliche and do some soul-searching & self-discovery: meditation retreat in Bali, psychedelic festivals, coaching, therapy, yoga, mountains of self-help books, podcasts, endless TEDtalks.

Done it all.

So, what did I learn from all this?

I found the missing ingredient —

I had a job, I just didn't have a fulfilling job.
I had a life, I just didn't have a meaningful life.

Purpose was missing from my work.

Then, the pieces of the puzzle fell into their place and it hit me.
I wasn't the only millennial stuck in this rut.
We were like a sad club of people unenthusiastically clocking in and out.

Fast forward to 2024, I support others in re-discovering their purpose, so they can land a job they

When I am not working on trying to achieve social justice, I am either attempting to do yoga, pretending that I am one of the cool kids in the bouldering gym or turning the pages of a Scandinavian crime novel.


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